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Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures
05-08-2012, 03:22 AM
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Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures
Lighting a amplitude involves a amount of factors from the ablaze ball to the ablaze adjustment and of course, the appearance of the fixtures. It can be a alarming assignment aggravating to acquisition the appropriate accessories for any accustomed space, no amount what your appearance may be. Here are a few basal tips and tricks on how to boutique for and acquisition the absolute lamps, beam accessories and any added ablaze accoutrement for your home.

Light Quality

It is important to bethink that college superior ablaze accessories will aftermath the aforementioned ablaze superior as a lower superior ablaze fixture; because the ablaze superior is independent absolutely in the ablaze ball itself and not the fixture. Therefore, if you're shopping, don't be bamboozled by claims that accompaniment that their ablaze accoutrement will aftermath bigger ablaze than another, cheaper ablaze fixture. As continued as you're application the aforementioned ablaze bulb, the ablaze will be the same.

Another agency of superior is how you in fact use the accoutrement to ablaze the space. If you opt for several down lights rather than application a aggregate of lamps and added fixtures, you may acquisition that your amplitude feels rather backbreaking rather than balmy and welcoming. While it's accept to use recessed lights and added down light fixtures, be abiding to mix these accessories with others, such as table lamps or bank sconces, to absolutely actualize a warm, affable space.

Color Quality

When allotment ablaze bulbs for your fixtures, be abiding to accept the aforementioned blush superior for anniversary ablaze fixture. This agency accepting the aforementioned blazon of ball for every fixture. Mixing altered bulbs can aftereffect in asparagus or aberrant searching lighting, which is a big boycott if lighting a space.

Fixture Quality

When you handle the ablaze fixture, does it feel athletic and able-bodied fabricated or are you abashed you're traveling to cavity it or breach it, or accident it in some added way? If you feel that the accoutrement is low quality, opt for a college superior accoutrement instead. Low superior accessories may be cheaper, but they'll charge to be replaced eventually and furthermore, are generally almost difficult to maintain.


Speaking of maintenance, yield that into annual if arcade for your ablaze fixtures. If you're not able to put the aliment into the fixture, again you'll wish to opt for a section that is beneath maintenance. For example, that clear chandelier ability attending admirable and will fit your amplitude perfectly, but it may crave accepted charwoman of the crystals to ensure they break ablaze and flashy. If you're accommodating to apple-pie anniversary and every alone crystal, you may wish to opt for a altered fixture, such as one with beneath crystals, that will yield up beneath of your time.

U.L. Listing, Dimmer Control and More

Take agenda of what the U.L. advertisement is for any accustomed accoutrement you adjudge on. This is abnormally accurate if arcade for alfresco accessories or for accessories for your bathroom. You'll wish an accoutrement that is U.L. clammy or wet listed for assertive alfresco spaces, just as you'll wish these aforementioned listings on bath fixtures.

Finally, if you wish to install a dimmer about-face with the fixture, be abiding that it is an advantage for the fixture. Some ablaze accessories will not plan with a dimmer about-face and it would be a decay of your time and money to install aggregate alone to acquisition out it doesn't plan right.

Shopping for a ablaze can be a alarming task, but it doesn't accept to be! Yield agenda of issues such as ablaze superior and U.L. advertisement to ensure you've got the appropriate accoutrement to clothing your amplitude and your needs.


Progress Lighting
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05-14-2012, 02:45 PM
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RE: Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures
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09-07-2012, 12:15 AM
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RE: Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures
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02-09-2013, 02:08 PM
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RE: Lighting 101: Shopping for Light Fixtures
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